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This "library" is a linked resource to my favourites in Philosophy, Lifestyle, Guidance, Psychology, Wisdom, Fantasy, and Outside the Box thinking on Schooling, Birthing, Theology, and Culture. I believe many different stances are valuable and authors range from Atheists, Agnostics to Varied forms of religion. It reflects freedom in one way or another and each title offers something very valuable. I only take the time to write books on here that struck me especially as my reading list is extensive and would take hours to record...There are also some free PDF book links. I am not including ART or Film in this list because it would be too large of a resource page. I am a bit of a Rory in that sense and understood every single reference Gilmore Girls made to film or book, thus, I will refrain from writing the multiple loves of my life in those categories here:) 


If you are also interested in a few more links to thinking differently about religion, life, finances and philosophy try: Crash course philosophy and also the other excellent crash course series are some of our favourite short, educational videos. and the free reasonable doubts podcasts on iTunes with Krista Tippet also available on iTunes.

*Links for either the book or a website are in Author's name.* In NO particular order.

Philosophy/ Theology Themed Favourites

  • Educational Resources/ Unschooling/ Cultural Conditioning

    Children's Favourites (Also Educational)

    Autism/ Asperger's Personal accounts / Neurodiversity  Top Resources
    Self Help  and Health Favourites

    Home and Design/ Nature and Landscape

    Fun Misc.

    • ( If this list reflected all my reading favourites it would be REALLY LONG- especially the children's section... I will add more when I am bored:)

    *For a humorous song:) Brilliant.



    jessiem777 said...

    Wow, gotta get my library card out :) Everything on here looks great! Thanks for sharing, fellow readers must stick together!

    Kmarie Audrey said...

    Lol...awesome. Thanks! I hope you can enjoy some of the links and books! Gotta love reading:)

    S said...

    Thank you for sharing the list of books. I am trying to order on-line some of them !

    Kmarie A. said...

    S: You are welcome...its fun to add to doesnt even compare to the library in my home but it's a start! I hope you enjoy whatever you order and I could probably tailor suggest some for you if you tell me within what realm:)