Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Party Song List (Family Friendly and for Those who Love a mix of Campy, Broadway, Classic and Rock)

Music is my obsession and I LOVE making playlists for people. My friend requested a playlist for Halloween and I thought my final compilation would be fun to put out there. Looking for ideas for my own playlist, I did not find a lot of good mixes that included all genres. I also wanted a mix that was fairly family friendly. Of course there are excellent songs that I left out (some of which include selections from Dracula, Buffy, Fantasia, Hitchcock movies, songs from the 1920/30s, ect.) but here is a starter list for anyone looking for an array of fairly family friendly Halloween Songs. *NOTE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE SHOWS THAT COME WITH SOME OF THESE SONGS. I have not even seen some of them as I am not a fan of horror but I know the songs.* It's in no particular "importance" order but I did mix it up to sound optimal:
  1. 1. Imperial March- Darth Vader's Theme
  2. 2  Thriller- Michael Jackson
  3. 3  Somebody's Watching Me -Rockwell
  4. 4  Bewitched- Steve Lawrence
  5. 5  Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead- Ella Fitzgerald
  6. 6  Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
  7. 7  Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show ( Glee Version is the only one I am ok with)
    8  Monster Mash- Bobby Boris Pickett
  8. 9  X-Files (The movie, main theme)
  9. 10  The Phantom Of The Opera- Andrew Loyd Webber
  10. 11  Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
  11. 12  Jaws Theme ( The City of Prague Philharmonic)
  12. 13  Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.
  13. 14  Witchcraft (Digitally Remastered)- Frank Sinatra
  14. 15  The Wizard and I- Broadway's Wicked
  15. 16  Something Bad- Broadway's Wicked
  16. 17  Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)
  17. 18  Double Trouble (Harry Potter- Prisoner of Azkaban)- John Williams
  18. 19  I Put a Spell On You (feat. Johnny Depp) Shane MacGowen
  19. 20  Enter Sandman- Metallica
  20. 21  Storytime- Nightwish
  21. 22  Highway to Hell- AC/DC
  22. 23  (Ghost) Riders In the Sky- Johnny Cash
  23. 24  Love Potion Number 9- The Clovers
  24. 25  Magic- (Pilot)
  25. 26  The Adams Family Theme
  26. 27  There's a Light (Over At the Frankstien House) - Rocky Horror Picture Show (Glee version)
  27. 28  Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror Picture show ( Glee version)
  28. 29  Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon
  29. 30  Edward Scissorhands - Main Title
    31 In the Dark of the Night Anastasia (Music from Anastasia) Jim Cummings

  1. 32  Un monstre à Paris (Monster In Paris)
  2. 33  Defying Gravity- Broadway's Wicked
  3. 34  My Freeze Ray- Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (Neil Patrick Harris)
  4. 35  My Eyes- Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (Neil Patrick Harris)
  5. 36  Last Ride Of The Day- Nightwish
  6. 37  City of Love (Edited Version)- Peresephone's Bees
  7. 38  Witchy Woman- Kristen Chenoweth
  8. 39  Monster (iTunes Session)- Skillet
  9. 40  Scaretale- Nightwish ( this may be a little too creepy for kids)
  10. 41  Ghost River (Nightwish)