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A List of Christmas Shows/ Christmas Season/ Holiday Albums/ Song Recommended and List of Christmas TV shows and Movies

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Christmas is my favourite time of year. I am a sap. I love magic. I love LOVE. I like sparkles, presents, coloured lights, cheesy happy music, and meaningful stories of family or cherished bonds. Christmas can also be the toughest time of year (I wrote about that in one of my points here: ) It's unfortunate that it is one of those times of year that tends to be fulfilling only if one has hope or the joy of family. When experiencing loss of any type Christmas is very hard...but I still find some of the videos and songs hopeful. December is my favourite time to stuff in a bunch of holiday festivities, albums and videos. These are my lists of listening pleasures and holiday stories (in no particular order.) I hope you can find one to enjoy!

We love family movie night. Our old fashioned maker pops out popcorn and we soak it with real butter and sea salt. We also allow the kids dark chocolate on the side and frothy glasses of almond milk or iced water/tea. Cozying up under various throws and blankets we snuggle and laugh together. It is hard for me to choose favourites because I am obsessed with good Christmas tunes (My iTunes has 809 christmas songs- ridiculous I know...and every year I can't wait for the new ones to be released to add more favourites!) but there are a few full albums that stand out. Usually I only like a few songs from certain compilations but I will put a double star by a few stand out CDs that have a whole slew of goodies:)

My top Favourite Christmas Albums:
1. Baby, It's Cold Outside**- Starbucks compilation
2. These are The Special Times**- Celine Dion
3. A Christmas Portrait**- The Carpenters 
4. Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas- Ella Fitzgerald
5. The Gift- Jim Brickman
6. Home for Christmas** AND A Christmas to Remember- Amy Grant
7. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas- Burl Ives
8. Original Glee Christmas- Glee Cast
9. Let it Be Christmas**- Alan Jackson
10. The most Beautiful Christmas Songs Of The World- Boney M
11. Once Upon A Christmas**- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
12. Wintersong**- Sara McLachlan
13. White Christmas**- Elvis Presley
14. And Winter Came- Enya
15. Merry Christmas- Bing Crosby
16.  That Christmas Feeling**- Perry Como
17. "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas**" By JUDY Garland/ "Peace **" By Norah Jones/ "River**" by Joni Mitchell
18. Merry Christmas 2 you- Mariah Carrey
19. Let it Snow AND Christmas**- Michael Buble
20. This Christmas- 98 Degrees
21. A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas- Kristin Chenoweth
22. Soundtracks to the 1950's animations of: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowmen, Santa Clause is Coming to town, and the Little Drummer Boy.
23. Shall I play for You?- Paul Brandt
24. The Christmas Shoes- Newsong ( This album was put out before the movie and has a few wonderful advocacy songs.)
25. My Christmas- Andrea Bocelli
26. A Very She and Him Christmas ( Zoeey Deschanel)
27.  O Christmas Three- Chicago
28. This Time of Year**- Steve Tyrell
29. James Taylor at Christmas- James Taylor
30. White Christmas- Martina Mcbride
31. An old Time Christmas- Randy Travis
32. Christmas Time again- Compilation Classic
33. Country Christmas- Compilation Mix
34. Martha Stewart Living; Traditional Songs for The Holidays**- Excellent compilation Mix
35. A Charlie Brown Christmas- movie Soundtrack
36. Making Merry**- Classic Starbucks Compilation
37. Winter Moon**- Mindy Gledhill
38. Christmas in the Sand**- Colbie Caillet
39. Dean Martin Christmas**
40. Rod Stewart Merry Christmas Baby
41. Christmas**- Alabama
42. Christmas with Nat King Cole**
43. Supremes Christmas or Motown Christmas
44. Aretha Franklin Christmas songs
45. White Christmas Soundtrack
46. The Chipmunks Christmas
47. Brenda Lee Christmas
48. Leanna Rimes- One Christmas: Chapter One** (* Someday At Christmas* is one of my current favourites)
49. Seth MacFarlane- Holiday for Swing
50. Michael W. Smith and Friends- The Spirit of Christmas
51. Darius Rucker- Home for the Holidays
52. Pentatonix Christmas
53. Idina Menzel- Holiday Wishes
54. Bette Midler- Cool Yule
55. Michael Bolton- This is the Time
56. Brad Paisley Christmas
57. Christmas with Love- Leona Lewis (*One More Sleep* is cute)
58. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Cat Power
59. Loretta Lynn Christmas songs ( I won't decorate your Christmas Tree or Country Christmas**)
60. Ali and Theo- Christmas singles and Christmas 2013, 2014 ect.
61. Johnny Reid- A Christmas Gift to You
62. Christina Perri- a very Merry Perri Christmas
63. It Won't be Christmas without you- Brooks and Dunn
63. Glow- Brett Eldredge
64. A Very Kacey Christmas- Kacey Musgraves
65.Wonderland- Sarah MacLachlan
66. Kylie Christmas - Kylie Minogue

(I adore Judy Garland and her version is still the most emotional, heartfelt and soul stirring)

My Top Favourite Holiday DVD's ( Also Including the top ones for My Children)
1. Love Actually ( Don't watch this if you have a more conservative taste or are insulted by sexual images.)
2. White Christmas
3. Holiday Inn
4. The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing
5. Elf
6. Muppets FAMILY Christmas ( 1987/8) Because this is hard to find- here is the full version. We absolutely love this lost treasure:) So fun.

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas ( Animated)
8. I Want A Dog For Christmas Charlie Brown ( Animated)
9. The Christmas Carol ( Tons of versions of this- any will do. Muppets/ Jim Carrey/ Mickey/ Flinstones/ classic Dickens ect.)
10. Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas and Mickey's twice Upon A Christmas (Animated)
11. Anastasia (Animated)
12. While You were Sleeping
13. The Holiday
14. Christmas In Connecticut ( 1945 Version- Surprisingly ahead of it's time.) There is a newer version of this with Kris Kirstoffesen which I enjoy but it is cheesy in a country cute way.
15. It's a Wonderful Life
16. Miracle on 34th Street ( 1994 version)
17. Babes In Toyland ( Version with Annette Funichelo)
18. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ( Clay version narrated by Burl Ives)
19. The Santa Clause series (Tim Allen)
20. How The Grinch Stole Christmas ( Cartoon and Jim Carrey versions)
21. Santa Clause is Coming To Town ( Narrated by Fred Astaire)
22. The Family Stone
22. You've got mail
23. Meet Me in St. Louis (Part way through Judy Garland sings 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'- A classic moment in movie history. No one can get across raw human feeling emotion like Judy...especially this bittersweet song.)
24. Smoky Mountain Christmas ( Corny cult classic starring Dolly Parton. Weird movie following a Snow White Christmas plot line. Surprisingly I like it. Dolly is just so sweet. Full version here:
25. Bridget Jones Diary and Sequel (Don't watch if you have more conservative taste in regards to innuendo, language and/or are insulted by sexual imaging.)
26. Alvin and The Chipmunks Christmas (animated)
27. Sleepless In Seattle
28. Night Before Christmas- Barney movie -This is actually adorable and quite magical for the little ones.
29. Annabelle's Wish (animated)
30. The Nutcracker Ballet (For Kids The Carebear's Nutcracker)
31. We also like to watch The old 1940's Fantasia for the Nutcracker Suite, Ave Marie, and Tchaikovsky's waltz of the flowers. (Animated) This is a timeless classic.
32. O Henry's The Gift of the Magi ( Starring Marie Osmond, also The Mickey Minnie version for the kids.)
33. The Ultimate Gift (2006)
34. Narnia ( The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe)
35. Les Miserables and Sound of Music ( I don't know why but I like these at Christmas.)
36. Prep and Landing (Animated)
37. Little Women
38. Snowball Express
39. Mr Beans Christmas
40. The Mistle Tonnes
41. A Very Glee Christmas ( we love watching this episode at Christmas as well as the other two Glee Christmas Episodes)
42. Twas the Night before Christmas ( 70/s version)
43.  A Garfield Christmas Special 

44. Harry Potter ( some epic Christmas moments in a few of the eight- magical!) 45. Hallmark movies 46. Classic Disney shorts like Mickey and the chipmunks.
47. Rise of the Guardians

(I realize 'A Christmas Story', 'Scrooged', 'National Lampoon's Christmas' and 'Nightmare before Christmas' are NOT on my list. I honestly feel less christmasy watching them- but if you like them that is great. My sister also likes "Edward Scissorhands" at Christmas)

This is just a start. I admit I am a bit Christmas crazy. I love this season and everything it brings. If I have missed one or mentioned one of your favourites- leave me a comment. I would love to hear about it.
Fun scene from Love Actually...

"If you really love Christmas, Come on and let it snow." Billy Mack. Love Actually. *