Sunday, March 19, 2017

Educational Resources Videos/ Podcasts for Children and Adults- Peace Out, Cosmic Kids, Crash Course, Personality Hacker, Heritage Podcasts, Wild and Free, And Julie's Green Room

I am passionate about children learning, enjoying magical play, free time and natural ways of education. I also believe in the freedom of religion. Education is important but more important is learning the art of happiness in any situation and being schooled in ethics as well as personality to have a balanced outlook on life. The resources below have aided my children in this progression of life. These are a few options that stand out as helpful media sources lately;

Peace Out (click)
Peace Out is a guided relaxation series made by the same creator, Jaime, as Cosmic Kids (see below.)  I find meditation hard, however, I joined my children for a few of these guided relaxation sessions, and after I was a calmer version of myself. My husband fell asleep during the short session so it was probably a little too effective for him! My daughter struggles with anxiety at night, so we gave her permission to listen to one or a few of these every night, and they have successfully aided her in falling asleep. I have also used these guides after meltdowns and they were more effective then other alternatives we have attempted after a sensory meltdown. The first session is below and I would also highly recommend her Zen Den series found HERE:

Cosmic Kids Yoga (click) 
In 2012 our family discovered Jaime's first video on Youtube called "Squish the Fish". We have been avid followers of her Yoga (click) series ever since and it has now grown into a large network, as it should, because this series is creative and fun. It may seem geared to younger children, but don't be fooled...if your older children have permission and freedom to act younger, they will enjoy this series and learn from it too. This is a great beginners Yoga class in story form. Even I enjoy the series and I was sad when my first physiotherapist told me I could no longer participate until I built up my strength. Sometimes, I watch my children with envy and I deeply miss giggling while performing these exercises together. My children often will start their day out with Cosmic kids. I have noticed the days they make this a priority, are the days they are happier, more motivated to do school and chores, and a tad more calm about their activities in general.

Crash Course Philosophy (click):

Sometimes when we were bored, my husband would suggest Crash Course, and we would all grumble at first, but as soon as we started one of the videos, we would all be into it. And that is how we often will find our free time filled- with Crash Course videos! Especially during the awful weather we have experienced this year! The Crash Course videos are chalk full of excellent materials, humourous cartoons and interesting facts. The subjects range from Crash Course Sociology, Physics, Astronomy, Psychology, History and Science ect. Click HERE for all of their videos. We are working our way through most of the series. The general history videos bothered our children at some points, but surprisingly the U.S History was more tame. We are Canadian but they are still educational and fun. The course we have completed in entirety thus far is Crash Course Philosophy by Hank Green, brother of John Green, who covers the History Crash Course. Yes, THAT John Greene- author of the Fault in Our Stars.

Hank Green was our favourite host thus far. By the end of the 46 quick video sessions (CLICK) my children knew more about choice, morals, ethics, theories and the reasons for varied religions, then most educated adults that we know. We had many valuable discussions which stemmed from these videos. One reason we loved them is that they always ended with an open question. Hank does not tell you what to think. He gives history, context, and theories and allows the watcher to come to their own conclusions. These are not just for husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent watching these. 

Personality Hacker:

Personality Hacker is one of our families go to choices for the 45 minute commute we often take for varied needs. These podcasts can also be streamed from Itunes for free. If you don't know your personality, take the test for free on Personality Hacker (click) or 16personalities(click). The 16personalities test is probably easier for children and I like how they give percentages at the end, however, Personality Hacker is more accurate for adults who get confused between two types. I recommend taking both tests and checking your outcome to make sure it is the same.

Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt are fun hosts, once you get into the personality lingo, and their podcasts have changed the fabric of our family's inner lives. We have listened to each podcast on our own personalities and had discussions afterwords. If our seven year old could listen to it a few years back, any adult can also understand the concepts after a few key phrases are introduced like "intuitive," "Car model," "Systems thinking," or "Cognitive Function Stack." I recommend starting with the car model explanation HERE.

Heritage Podcasts (click):

Another podcast we often spend Sunday afternoons listening to while colouring, is the Heritage Podcast series (click) which you can also stream from Itunes for free. It is a complete Liberal Arts Education in Podcast form. We have almost completed the entire series. This series taught me more about history than my years from K-12 and College combined. Why was I not taught most of this information?!?

Will Webb is well articulated and a fun host. My children have LOVED this series. There have been some heavy topics and the host does not shy away from the typical exploits of history including violence, sex, and some heavier aspects of our heritage, but generally it is ok for most desensitized children. We did end up skipping a few later episodes due to some minor meltdowns, but after some time of recovery had some great discussions after. The subscription is free and worth the time!

Wild and Free (click):

Wild and Free focuses on the imaginative, play focused and freedom form of education. It's about preserving the "adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood." While it may stem from homeschooling/ unschooling mothers, I also recommend it to parents who are tired of the same old robotic approach to learning, over busy schedules and lack of play time for children.

Wild and Free is good but I prefer a few other recommended books on this topic; Dumbing Us Down(click), Deschooling Society(click), The Danish Way of Parenting, and Home Grown (click). I have heard self proclaimed "outside the box" thinkers who have not read the first two books or considered these alternatives to learning and I find this fact ironic. I actually have a tough time respecting a person's "educational credentials" if they have not considered these points, read about the downsides of differing current educational aspects, or respect the natural education of a person.

Wild and Free offers a free subscription podcast on Itunes. It does have a strong Christian bent. I like some of their resources but sometimes find this a little much. However, for those just beginning to dip their feet into the water of a different education and hopeful childhood magic for their children, the site is an inspiring resource.

Julie's Green Room (click):

Netflix just came out with this series and we have already binge watched most of it. When Idina Menzel came on the first episode I was hooked! Going backstage to Wicked brought squeals of delight from my entire family. Julie Andrews hosts this puppet show about theatre terms, acting, writing, and all things to do with the Arts. We are in love. The show is innocent, sweet and educational.

I highly recommend this fun show, even for older children and the adults may enjoy the varied guest stars:

"And Dance! Everybody we can Sing. We can tell a story. Pull it altogether and we can do anything...cuz many parts make up the Arts, each one brings joy to all our hearts." I love this show because I am passionate about Broadway, writing, and telling stories. This show focuses on ALL aspects of the Arts and not just the people in the spotlight.

The resources above have enhanced our personal lives, calmed, contributed to the way we engage with each other, and have helped form our unique outlook on life. I highly recommend making use of these beautiful, free tools. I can't help but feel excited at the wonderful world we live in, where resources like this are not only free but well done! What beauty! What luck to be alive during this time of endless possibilities.



Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you share all of your “favorites”! YES!!

S said...

Thank you, thank you so much ! for all the knowledge and wisdom you have provided through this post. I loved watching the philosophy video and also the meditation video. I am about to watch the other links and videos ( I have just browsed through ALL of them a little ! ) but got an idea of what they are about. You are such an amazing person who is helping the world in many ways and I am really learning and getting benefited when you share wisdom and knowledge through your blog. I can also see how you children's world is getting shaped and diversified by these wealth of knowledge. I can't thank you enough for this post !I am learning so many valuable things just by being your friend !! (One request : Please do a post on adult depression and coping mechanisms soon ! I think you wrote something on depression before but please do it again if possible), take care

Kmarie A. said...

Amy ; thank you 😊 I'm glad you look forward to these!
S; First off - you are truly one of my favourite people 😘❤️πŸ’•πŸ˜‚and I'm so glad you enjoyed the resources. Mine of my largest desires and passions is sharing the worlds wisdom and resources, beauty or music or art or whatever ( philosophy Phyfe ect) for people to experience and LIVE through! I'm so glad u found that! You would def like the whole series of the philosophy podcasts I think by crash course - I did anyway! Sure, I can write another post soon on adult depression... I'm also hoping to have a guest post from my husband in his specific grief depression at some point but I can cover generic adult depression from experience for sure as well as my journey with others who have struggled - I'll give it some thought and let you know when I come up with it... anything specific you would like covered? Would you prefer more personal stories? Links that help or therapies? Strategies and how to guides to aid in the struggle? Or more of a personal anecdote to help one feel less alone? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•❤

S said...

Thank you for your feedback. I really love your posts, they help me and I am sure they might be helping a lot of other people too who might be reading your blog (but may not be giving comments). Personal stories are a great way to connect to people and they provide solace to the soul. I wanted you to write about depression from the NF/IDEALIST perspective and also from the perspective of an adult Aspie female. I am sure both NFs and aspies experience depression differently than other people. Also, how does this effect us when we are growing up from a teenage girl to an adult we coped then and how we cope now. Resources are welcome too , particularly from an aspie woman point of view. I also think that an adult Aspie female whose personality is NT type (INTP, INTJ ) will deal with depression differently than the NF ( INFP/ INFJ ) types ! So, could you also shed some light into that if possible ? Could you also please write on how social and/or invisible disability can be a cause of depression and how to cope with that ?
Many thanks,

Kmarie A. said...

S: Lol ok. That may have span over a few posts but I think I could manage all that at some point!:) In fact I think that the social disability has been on my mind a lot and aspie depression due to this so maybe I will do that first:)

Kmarie A. said...

Ok I ended up trying to incorporate most of that with the help of links or posts I had written in the past...I hope it is what you were looking for and if you want it to be more specific after reading, I can hone in on something if you wish:) Let me know your thoughts...