Sunday, June 23, 2013

The She in Ezer Kenegdo- God breathed Womanhood

Disclaimer; * I realize men can apply this in their own way but I am writing strictly from the perspective of myself...which happens to be in the gender of a specific womanhood. Nor am I writing for all women as there are many expressions with many wonderful ways to be. I think woman hood is varied and diverse. This is just a piece of prose of what it meant to me as a person being freed from a religious perspective that thought women were "weaker". It has been a decade of seeing equality for what it really is and I wanted to celebrate that! I added religious references because of the way I grew up. I long to rise up and become the love. *

There are moments of self love. Moments when the She  in Self rises up to claim her prize. When She becomes the smile of capability, the laugh of confidence, and the twinkle of inspiration. There are moments when the mirror holds a price, and moments when the mirror holds a promise. She is both beauty and beast, famine and feast, and SHE can also turn a day into heaven or hell.

Inside every woman is the capability to BE SHE. To choose. To overcome. To try again. To endure. To
laugh carelessly and love avidly.
 Inside there is the steady heartbeat of the age old cry of Ezer Kenegdo.(Link) The name God gave to each She meaning power, strength, to rescue and to save. The equal counterpart to manhood. The different strength of steel. The She in every woman.

She is responsible for how her world is seen. She has to be an advocate for herself. She has been given grace so that grace can be given. She is part of the reason the world survives. Needing to absorb both laughter and tears, she embraces the pain as part of the beauty. But She will not do what is needed if She is bogged down by the world's interpretations of herself. She needs to rise up and become herself. The love that cannot hope to last requires endurance, stamina and determination. Inside herself is the beginning of change. Beneath the outer layers of whatever insecurity is grappled with, there needs to be a strong belief that SHE can and SHe will. That beauty is more than just a pretty face. That looks are not about pounds or skin, but about real flesh softening with compassion and wrinkling with stubborn wisdom.

There is a raw beauty formed from the dust of the earth, the borrowed rib of a man, and the breath of God. Equality is in the breath, counterpart in the rib, and awareness in the dust. Through the cries of a mother a daughter is born. From the strength of a woman, new life can breathe once again. The ancient ancestry of womanhood is ingrained deep within. The future of her depends on these remembrances.

She first needs to believe in herself. She first needs to forget about expectations and rise up to be the Ezer Kenegdo of life. She needs to embrace both beauty and beast to become the ancient and the present. Where there is passion there is also the placid. Where there is belief there is also doubt. Where there is stubborn determination there is also gentle giving. Where there is strong empathy there is also a fight for justice. Where there is self awareness there is balance. Where there is strength there is a need for God. Where there is weakness there is a need for her counterpart. Where there is raucous laughter there is silent weeping. It is all in She if she so chooses. May each woman rise up to take and be and grow. Breathe Life.

For musical inspiration, the beautiful Idina Menzel singing "No Day But Today."


Cat said...


thank you
love and light

Nyssa said...

oh!! I love this. Beautifully written and so necessary for me to hear right now!! xoxoox

Kmarie Jones said...

Glad you both could use this:) Wishing the strength in today and the hope of rest for the evening....