Friday, May 25, 2018

Ferritin Improved on the Whole30 Reset/Our Subsequent Adaptation Changed Our Life! Gratitude and Daily Delights of Energy. For Once in My Life...

On a rainy night recently I decided to clean and do some Paleo baking to add occasionally back into our lifestyle diet change. (My emphasis is on Coconut flour and natural wholesome ingredients.) Our home smelled of lemon and baking. It looked basically as perfect as it can. While each family member had their well deserved breaks, I decided to have the upstairs to myself. I made my daughter's bed with fresh Thieves Oil smelling linens, folded the last laundry load (of seven) and baked while my sparkle mood lighting created tranquillity and soft Steve Tyrell's " Simple Life" played in the background. Then we all went out to listen to the crickets and frogs while we ate a cookie. It was my version of perfection. And it is a day that would have left me in bed for at least three days recovery if I had attempted it a few months ago. Energy truly is a precious resource in life.
*"For once in my life, I have someone who needs me. Someone I needed so long..."

I found a fantastic millet flour chia seed breakfast cookie to add some variety to a meal sometimes. Instead of potatoes or a starch the kids and I are going to bake a few times a week to give us a break on the budget for food since we are not doing rice ect... as a filler and I'm happy with the ingredients. 
I've lost four inches on my belly, which wasn't the point of changing our habits, but I'm happy and hoping it will continue to the size I am most comfortable in. Finally after years of trying different things this seems to be re setting my hormones. My therapist calls Keto or Whole 30 the hormone balancing diet if one can stick to a form of it for a few months. He's sending me for blood work soon as he thinks it's already changed my hormones more than medication! Especially my thyroid and iron levels. Fingers crossed! (The rest of my family lost three inches, 3.5, 2.5 and 2.5 on waists too.) 

"Someone warm like you, would make my dreams come true..."

What is more important than weight though, is the energy infusion I am finally feeling! I finally have the gumption to do activities I have not tried in years. In the last few weeks alone I have gardened, cleaned the entire house without help a few times, re arranged my daughter's room and furniture, planned a tiny renovation, kept up with my exercising, taken several trips to a nearby city for long days, and have finally had the energy to self care a bit more. I am actually CARING about some of my beauty regime again. As in, I have the energy to look into facial care products and actually care for my face at night. The years of exhaustion made their mark but I was too tired to care most nights. Just getting through the days was my ultimate goal. But now I am taking baby steps to actually care for myself and my family in a more energy infused way again. I am not even close to "normal" yet but spinach and protein 3 times a day is a game changer in my life. I wish I would have done a week re set of Whole30 a few months after our first Whole30 a few years back! And I wish I would have stuck 80 percent to eating that way, like we do now. I don't plan on going back to those other foods anytime soon. I feel FANTASTIC compared to before. Which matters to me.

There is a part of me that feels a tad robbed by my exhaustion looking back. For the first time in two years, I have been regularly tucking in the kids at night. Anemia took moments and deflated them. It not only stole the oxygen from my blood but sucked out the colour from daily deeds that I could have savoured. I rarely could do tuck ins because one more step was too much. I know that I tried my best 3/4 of the time to achieve more than what should be expected from someone with that low of oxygen and blood levels. I know I showed up how I could, but I still feel robbed. And I can't find anywhere to put the blame. It could have been worse but it also could have been better. I know that, now, I just have to continue to live the best I can with the energy and body and conditions I have but sometimes looking back ... well looking back is not the way for me to go. But I need to also recognize I have some grief and resentment towards my body and my blood and what that has meant. But overall, my feelings have been joy, gratitude, healing and every day bliss. Which is more valuable to me than the size of my waist. 

*"For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me, not like it's hurt me before..."

There are naysayers to any type of diet including Whole30/ Paleo/ Keto but I feel I am proof of results within moderation. My skin has started to clear up. I feel stable all day (no blood sugar dips or exhaustive moments. My husband also remarked he feels the same.) My energy is making a come back. My iron and hormones are still in progress but seem to be re setting slowly. I am getting my life back to doing what I wish to do. Before our Whole30 week re set, I was laying in bed for at least half my day because I just could not function otherwise. Now, after the first week, and adding a few foods back in but keeping the majority of our dietary needs Whole30 approved for the last 40 days, I have yet to be back in bed after I wake up! (Minus during my cycle which still puts me back quite a bit.) I am sleeping by eleven latest with no insomnia (minus cycle insomnia.) I hit the pillows in the evening after a full day of being on my feet!

*"For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of..."

It feels like the world is mine to slowly conquer. I now am getting a taste of what typical people can do in a day and what a gift it is! I am not at normal capacity yet, but this extra energy is a gift. I am focusing anything extra I get on my family and friends when I can. But also self care. Food truly is an important piece of the puzzle. My entire family has had benefits from eating the way we have. Each of them has improved in energy, mood, weight, and spirit.

*"For once I can go where life leads me. Somehow I know I'll be strong."

There comes a moment during most days or nights when I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have. Usually it's when I'm looking at my children or the sparkle light in my room or him next to me. My whole house invokes my gratitude because we crafted it as our own. I felt this way even before I had energy, and I believe that perspective is an important aspect of living, no matter how one feels or struggles. Each inch of our home expresses each of our personalities and our imaginations and hopes and the love surrounding... and that's what fills my heart up. Even if I do have disease or symptoms that rob. I just have to look around my home or yard to see my purpose my beloved my belonging, and inspiration. If I'm honest and there is an afterlife I would want it to be exactly this forever -this house, him, and them for eternity doing what we generally do and I'd seriously be happy. I get sad for my future self often and have to remind myself, if I live that long there will be other beautiful moments, and I can look back knowing without a doubt I cherished what is mine.

This lifestyle diet also brought our family together even more. Each meal prep is done with all of us, cleaning, cutting, soaking vegetables, while hubby makes the meat. We talk while we prepare our nourishing food. It takes time but it's time together so it does not feel like that much of a sacrifice.

*"For once I have something I know won't desert me. I'm not alone anymore."

Despite hardships, I honestly have what I never knew I always wanted (to quote Fools Rush In.) This epic, every ordinary love, is mine. Sometimes it's worse than a movie but most days it exceeds the classics - maybe not to anyone else who would switch places with me but to me and whom I am - it suits. I know I'm lucky. I know it's partially crafted, but partially just what was what, and partially unknowns. It's beauty is a gift I daily treasure and nightly struggle not to panic over losing and remember to just enjoy what is given when it is given (and also attained). It's magically mundane but I could live like this forever and my cup overflows. But with the benefits of energy and clean eating, it is magnified. And also, oddly, a calmer, stable sort of existence. Life feels slightly less urgent but also more fulfilling. Energy is a gift. Nurturing, hormone free meat is a gift. Fresh vegetables, fruits and nature's bounty are worth their weight in gold. They are worth the extra budgeting. Because in the end, the body isn't everything, but it is the vessel we travel in through this life. If it can be improved with changing a few habits, even though at times this is hard, it is worth it all.

*"For once I can say this is mine, you can't take it. As long as I know I have love, I can make it!"

*This song is how I feel right now:

or this version:

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Post Edit: Several months later my ferritin fell eating Whole 30. As of February of this post my dietary lifestyle is now more restricted due to the Whole30.While I like the concepts and initially lost weight and gained ferritin it did NOT serve me well in the end. Now both my daughter and I suffer gas issues that we have never HAD before and only started after the Whole30 and we are trying everything to fix this...months later and it's still bad. If I could go back I would not go on the WHole 30. I would just add meal preps, herbs and spices more into our diet and take an approach of Brittany Nickerson in THIS book instead.


Amy said...

big big smile and tears in my eyes... so incredibly grateful for this breakthrough for you, K! How do you feel about writing to Whole30 or Melissa Hartwig and let them know? I feel like other people that have the same body issues would benefit from know about this. This is so wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully people can learn from your story. I work in the medical profession. The diet that is recommended is almost opposite of this. I have been finding that my clients who try a form of low carb/ high fat nutrition have less inflammation related issues. I have been doing Keto after years of the pyramid diet, and the difference is astounding. I hope my medical team will see the results first hand. Unfortunately, it takes years or decades for many in my community to come around to the "new" research of fats and carbs. Thanks for sharing your story.

S said...

I am so happy to know that the new diet is working for you !! I am also happy to learn that your energy levels have gone up, blood tests are indicating improved levels and you are doing many household chores without help. My health has changed too, for the better and yes, energy levels have significantly gone up. I have witnessed many similar results, just like you, thanks to my new diet.
One word of caution though, I wanted to share with you -One day, I ate something off my diet and I was sick for at least two days. So be careful with certain foods that you should not be touching at all ( only you will know what is harmful for you ). Once on a diet (or nutrition plan) means always on a diet and even if you re-introduce some food categories, please keep an eye on what is happening to your body and adjust accordingly !

Kmarie said...

Anonymous; thank you. Yes I've heard good things about Keto tho I'll have to look into it more ;) fats are important! Good ones anyway like avacado ect:)
S; thanks for the encouragement and you are right! I had the same thing happen but your caution was a good reminder. I'm
Glad your health has changed too! 😊♥️

Kmarie said...

Amy; sorry I found this in spam and didn't read it until today! That's happening a lot to me. Actually whole30 has forums where people tell similar stories ... I found them a good resource. Thank you for celebrating with me - your support is appreciated;) I'm glad you are on my team ;)