Thursday, April 2, 2015

World Autism Day and the Power of having Understanding Friends

Post Edit: After I published this another friend sent me a Pin on Pinterest and said she is wearing blue on my behalf.  I never asked for that support yet it is there. I feel very lucky. Love you Keren. Feel free to wear feisty red on behalf of me or a happy yellow if that is what you prefer!!:)

Those in the Autism community do not always benefit from "Awareness" thus we sometimes look upon Autism Day with a bit of chagrin. Organizations like Autism Speaks take this day to spread more mis- information. Those on the Autism scale benefit from people taking our blogs seriously but unfortunately that often does not happen because of these reasons: I have had all five of those points brought up to me before including some from people I thought knew better. It has been disheartening to say the least, but I still have hope...

Today, on National Autism Day, I woke up to this text, "Thinking of you friend... today is world autism awareness day and i was just thinking about all the wonderful people i know who have greatly enriched my life ❤❤❤❤"

I was honoured. I often don't even remember World Autism Day. To have a Non -Autistic/Nuerotypical friend remember and thank ME for being who I am from her far off place in my world (we live in different countries) was astounding! This friend reads almost all the links I send her, she gives me feedback, and she reads my perspectives with great respect. I realized that I really could not ask for more in anyone. To have even one friend like this is a blessing. I know I have at least 5 friends who actively do the same.

Today I would like to honour my Neurotpyical friends who make the world a better place with their acceptance and willingness to see the world through my eyes at times. I deeply value them. I would also like to thank my Autistic friends for making me feel less alone...and allowing me to feel "my normal" in a world where I often feel misplaced. 

With Gratitude; 

I dedicate this post to Kristin with love. I regret we do not have a photo together:(

I'd also like to specifically thank all my readers who come here to understand with grace or to get validation.

 Special thanks also goes to those Kindreds who have actually read a full book that was written BY Autistics on Autism *click for links* (Aspergirls or Nerdy, Shy and Socially Inappropriate or 22 things) just for me or for my children: Sara, Philip, Kristin, Keren, Rachel, Mom, Shelley (mom), Miriam, Dr. R, Sanghamitra. (Apologies if I missed anyone.) My heart is warmed each time I think of the moments you approached me to ask what you should read or in the odd time I approached you, that you showed up for me with a resounding YES and made the world a better place with your new information. I hope I also enrich your world because that's what friends are for. I am glad you are on my side.

 I am also grateful for the additional friends I have who may not have had time to read the books but have read some of my posts and supported me through the most transitional years of my life. (Dea, Lola, Cyndy, Glynis, Rain, Christine, Cindy, Alicia, Amy, Alyssa, Lisa, Lynn, Atlanta, Carelton and Valina, Grant, Tim, Steve, and Jessica.)

and because I am a sap:


nyssa said...

so much love to you xox ♥

Kmarie Audrey said...

You too Glynis! Love you.

Rachel said...

This is beautiful. <3 It's been a difficult day for me because my department was really pushing the "light it up blue" thing and half my classmates showed up wearing blue today. This was after the fact that I shared an article with the president of our student organization that explained why Autism Speaks can legitimately be viewed as a hate group. I felt like my voice wasn't being listened to, and it's hard to not feel listened to, and it also really sucks when people who call themselves your friend are supporting a group the stigmatizes and dehumanizes people like me. :/ My closest NT friends are very understanding and supportive, but I hate that all these people who are going to be working with people with disabilities refuse to see the ableism behind groups like AS.

Anyway, I loved this post so much and you are such a dear friend who literally means the world to me. :D I hope you're doing well. Love you much

Kmarie Audrey said...

Thanks:) Im sorry...I hate that too...Its one thing if a friend does it to honour our family and has no idea that it stems from a hate group but its completely another from students who are supposed to be studying the stuff and working with Autistics in the future...very depressing but explains why I run into constant ignorance...It is always so shocking to me how people accept something if it comes from "professionals" yet these "professionals" are often closed minded and have a robotic view of us....its sad. I am glad your closest friends are the end that is what matters:)
You also mean the world to me:) Love you too.

Ashe said...

It's rare to find a friend that sweet. I hope you two are friends for a very long time. =)

Kmarie Audrey said...

thank you Ashe...I agree...I also hope we are friends for a very long time and that we each are so lucky to find a friend like that.:)