Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Beautiful Film about Being. "Being in The World" (Or Why I am a Risk Taker in my life Choices.)

It seems to baffle some people, that I have incredible meaning in my life, despite the fact that my religious beliefs are not always able to be pinned down, or despite the fact that to them, I should have a lesser quality of life, because I am different or choose very different ways of Being. I understand that paradoxical ways could be confusing. I validate the confusion. However, I also deeply feel for that bafflement because it can not be way of BEING...unless one was to LIVE my complete way of Being. We each have a way of being in the world that is unexplainable. On the plus side, we also have a human connectedness and innate sense of community that can also be felt. So in this way, even if there is not full understanding, there is a place of soul that discovers a mutual partaking.

One of my passions is to help others discover that their beauty is BEING. Being does not mean continual peace but it does GIVE meaning. This film below helps give a bit of understanding into this philosophy of life. I had never heard of it before, but I had coffee last night and my husband put this on to help me fall asleep. I was captivated by the fact that while, of course, my philosophy in life has been shaped by books, people and environment, I have never actually studied any particular philosopher. While I know about many philosophers and find reading bits of each an essential part of my living, I had not constructed nor will I ever construct my reality around one particular philosophy, however, I enjoyed this film because it aids in connecting the concept of BEING to creating and the love of life for life's sake. That is something I can fully support even if it does source one philosopher more than others.

I feel the title YouTube put on this film is misleading. It is titled, "A Film about Martin Heidegger's Philosophy" but the original name for the film is "Being in the World." Even though the film occasionally references Heidegger, the film is more about BEING. It takes to the half way mark to start feeling inspired (during the introduction and first little bits I drifted in and out.) But the beginning sets the foundation for the rest of the film by giving a brief history of foundational philosophers and why our age has transcended Plato or Aristotle. This age is more about BEING and I feel this simple explanation of historical collective meanings and beliefs is also an important part of the film.

I am a risk taker in my personal decisions. I may not be a risk taker physically but I am completely a risk taker in how I engage with the world around me. I can be a rule follower in some things and completely break free in a similar realm. To many this seems contradictory but to me it's a fluid way of Being. I can conform to the rules of society that are crucial to belonging but still be individual and connected to that which gives specific meaning. This phenomenon is put under the light around the forty minute mark of this film.

If you find yourself wondering how to incorporate technology in your life but still honouring community and individualism...or if you find yourself 'missing' or in general feel a discontent or discontinuity between your space of belonging or meaning, this film is going to be a validation of hopeful aspiration and calm inspiration.

Enjoy your unique way of BEING. You are a fellow artist of being alive. Embrace that.

(Personal Note: I found the jazz background music distracting and a tad overloading at the very beginning but it ends around the nine minute mark. I left highlights below the film link.)

A Film About "Being in the World"


"A tool isn't an instrument you focus on, a tool is literally a way the carpenter has of engaging with the world." (10:24)

"When you've got the skill the last thing you want is thinking about or rationalizing or stepping back from the activity you are involved in...thought about the domain will typically get in the way of." (10:57)

"The really important ends of human life, are ends that are only perceptible if you allow yourself to be within the human condition totally. For example take love. What is it to have a really loving relationship?  What is it to have real communion? What is it to have meaningful music? can go on and on...nobody can loose touch with that aspect of being human entirely but they always denatured it so of course people were moved by music, they were moved by art, moved by love, so they invented various ways of describing that...the profound truth you can find in a great work of art. The profound truth of human beings." (21: ish?)

"Moods don't happen without our heads but that doesn't mean they happen in our heads. The analogy I like to use is a radio. Right? A Radio gets tuned in to different radio stations as you turn the dial you get different songs playing on the radio. That doesn't mean the stations are all inside the radio. It just means that without the radio getting tuned to them you are not in a position to pick them up." (23:50)

"We talk about the mood in the room...there was a happy mood when we walked into the party or the mood of the nation is depressed right lines up in particular ways, it's illuminated in particular ways and when we get in the right mood it's a way of getting in tune with the world so it can so shown certain features to us. SO when you are happy the world looks different and it is not just interpreting the world through a different filter but that your happiness tunes you into the world and features that you were not paying attention to."(25:43)

"Just as skills allow things to show themselves, they also allow people to show themselves ...they start to see things that someone without those skills doesn't see. They become someone who inhabits the world differently."(26:46)

"Our bodies, our ways of Being get attuned to the world. There is a kind of  understanding there that we can not explain. We are very poor at articulating. Rules work by ignoring details. What anyone who is very skilled in a domain knows that being very skilled means responding not just in general terms but in responding very specifically to what the situation demands." (28:40)

"You know, cooking is like religion. Rules don't no more make a cook than sermons make a saint... You can all have the rules you want...and take the same recipe and maybe you can't do the same things I do." (29:27)

"Risks are very important in becoming a master or  acquiring any skills at all because you have to leave the rules behind and stop doing what one generally does and doing the standard thing and push out into your own version of the world." (30:00)

"So the willingness to take risks is a very important stage of moving beyond just competence and following the rules and doing whatever everyone else does, to getting to the position where you learn what you are supposed to be responding to." (31:20)

"What distinguishes the kind of risks we're interested in from just bravado is whether the risks are taken in the interest of what someone is committed to and what they have defined themselves in terms of and what makes the meaningful differences in their lives. That kind of risk is a special kind of risk and is necessary part of becoming a master of anything." (31:38)

"Being willing to embrace a particular type of possibility and let other possibilities die off."(32:08)

"In addition to the fact that you can't ever get beyond a rule governed behaviour without taking risks there is also a kind of exhilaration or joy in the human existence leaving the rules behind, going out on the edge, letting the world show something new to them.The risk takers are the ones who disclose new worlds, disclose new ways to be human and new ways to behave. Discover new things about the world." (33: 34)

"You commit yourself and suddenly the world is organized in terms of things that are meaningful and  things that are irrelevant to do." (34:23)

"What happens when you have this commitment to a particular something that is finite and that you could lose and is risky and you hold yourself open to it completely. What happens in that situation is that you get a sort of meaningful existence and the meaningful existence is the one that identifies who you are to YOUR meaningful existence. It is the one that picks you out as an individual because nobody else understands the particular hierarchy of meaningful differences the way you do." (34:57)

"What is it to be the best version of us? When we are operating at our best we are precisely not detached from the situation that we are involved in rather we are opening ourselves up to being called to act a certain way in a situation." (35:47)

"The most amazing thing about Bradley when he is taking the ball down the court is his vision. He doesn't seem to be looking at anything rather he's a glaze of pan optic attention... He's not focused at anything but he is ready to be drawn into whatever it is that is calling him to act in the moment."  (36:20)

"Authenticity means owning up to the situation you are in, confronting the situation and doing what needs to be done...when you are authentic you are resolute... you are confronting the situation you are in."(36:52)

"There is a real tension in societies between conformism and individualism. In order for society to function there has to be a certain  amount of regularity in human behaviour." (40:00)

"There is a sense that mindless conformism is dehumanizing and destroys what is great about us and unique about us, so we value individuality as well but there is a tension there, if everyone is individual then we loose the benefits that come from shared adherence to rules, shared norms and values so there is always a tension going on there." (42:20)

"We are thoroughly conditioned in the world we are in." (43:28)

"A real innovator changes the way the game is played, and the game takes on a new style and people start playing it differently even though they are playing by the same rules." (44: 43)

( Now)"Everything is interconnected, everything is exchangeable and all meaningful distinctions have been gotten rid of except for this one empty distinction of being efficient and optimized. And you see it all over the place, we are so used to it that we don't even notice it." (54:17)

"You have these frightening subdivisions where all the houses on the side of the hill are the same shape and same colour...and everyone manages to live that way so everything is totally standardized."

Honestly, from 54:17 onward is the part I am most passionate about and would highlight the rest of this conversation! However, do not skip the beginning that sets you up for it!

"In a certain way that is terrific if you use it in the right way...but if that's just what it's all about everything get's's all reduced just to more information."

"What it is doing is making us look at time that is infinitely usable and accessible... as against that we are forced back to understanding that there are times that are just different, that has a different quality and it is not appropriate to use them in this way." (59:08)

"The problem is how to respect technology and use technology to get rid of all the dumb stuff we used to have to do and yet not let it get rid of what matters and what is local and what is unique and what is significant and meaningful for us." (103:44)

"Affirm four propositions: 1.) There is no place I'd rather be 2.) There is no one I'd rather be with 3.) There is nothing I would rather be doing and 4.) This I will remember well." (?)

"Being in the world is a unified phenomenon when people are at their best and most absorbed in doing a skillful thing, they lose themselves into their absorption and the distinction between the master and the world disappears....everybody in their way can bring out what's best in themselves and in their world we can re- experience what people call the sacred."  (1:17:20)


S said...

First of all, thank you for sharing this video. I just finished watching it. It is beautiful.I loved watching the philosopher speak on being. Philosophy is a subject close to my heart and I have been reading many philosophers over the years precisely for this love of philosophy that I have. One who wants to experience life in its fullest and is interested in knowing as well as creating a meaning of life, the study of different philosophies is very helpful.
In this video, what I loved most was how authentic different people were-the juggler, the guitarist, the involved they were with their art that they forgot themselves and found a connection between them and God ...this is perhaps called authentic living....where you are not a mere instrument or medium but go beyond that and discover true beauty..
Yes, it is hard to explain such deep feelings when we discover insight, a connection, whatever...
We have lost touch with our being to a great extent or we might be losing touch if we look at things mechanically...this is called being conditioned...and this cycle can be broken when we make real connection perhaps ..with nature,people or things...
About order and chaos...being in conformity with society and being an individual...I agree with you, I fall somewhere between the, maybe it is not really a choice between the two but embracing both in some ways...
Philosophers always want to know why they are what they are...I am like that too...I have to know the reasons behind all actions , whether they are social actions ( defined by society ) or personal /individual action...I too question everything ...and then decide for myself...
thanks again for sharing this thought provoking video,
take care,

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how much I needed to read this today.
it blew my mind.
I could have written this one ( not as well as you did, mind you lol) but it perfectly describes how I view the world and myself. I'm a paradox too as you know.
and those quotes?? they really helped me regarding my work.
I'm definitely going to watch that film.xoxo

kristin said...

The film was so well done and I agree with you on that the youtube title is misleading. I really enjoyed how they talked about the different models of philosophy and as well integrating stories of people who like S said and how she liked "authentic different people were-the juggler, the guitarist, the involved they were with their art that they forgot themselves and found a connection between them and God ...this is perhaps called authentic living....where you are not a mere instrument or medium but go beyond that and discover true beauty.."
Thank you so much for sharing this film. And just everything you share! You find jewels among the thrones!

Kmarie Audrey said...

Thank you...all of you!!! Sorry it has been a few crazy days and I didn't get back to you!:)
S: I am glad you loved it. I also liked the true to life stories and the segments! I am also very much like a philosopher.
Nyssa: I am glad you loved it too and it really spoke to you! Yes you totally could of written it!
Kristin: Yes the title is misleading! Yes I loved what S said too! Thanks for the compliments Glad you loved it and thank you for commentating!