Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Heavy Dose of Atmosphere

I belong to the big skies where hours upon hours stretch out with full possibilities. In a short span of time the sky can change from foggy grey to patches of azure to pink ocean depths or to a world enveloped in silvery flakes.

Every form of sky is my favourite but I come most alive at Dusk. It is my time to thrive. Dusk reveals vivid colours that are not part of our natural world during the days of winter. Typically white is everywhere with the exception of bare brown trees and rusty evergreens. At dusk and twilight the sky comes alive with dusty reds, purples, blues, greys, and greens. I wish it could be longer. "I taste the sky and feel alive again."- Owl City

The north with it's harsh climate brings untamed beauty. I love my Canadian prairies and their great partner of sky. It can be treacherous in any climate and in mine I recognize the wild spirits in the strong steel of survivors of the land. The snow makes life more difficult, but that is almost valuable in a strange sort of way. The cold is a refreshing type of environment. It's almost like mountain air...that icy fresh blast of clean, crisp oxygen. That is what minus 25 Celsius feels like. It can be dangerous but little bits of minus 20 is delightful IF the proper precautions are being taken. On these colder days the sparkles are more apparent. The icicles drip their tips dangerously off of homes that pump out the smoke of cozy fires...Unfortunately, most cameras can not capture the sparkles or the purity that blankets the land for a short moment.

This year we have experienced many Chinooks. The snow starts to melt and the land takes on a soft appearance. Part of me gets restless for a spring that is at least three months away, but part of me enjoys the fact that I still have some time to be in winter. I can always feel a Chinook before it happens... my spirit gets agitated and my bones feel heavy. As the winds start to pick up I feel the wildness inside of me and the changes that brings. As the winds die down, the quick warmth of the world and drastic change from minus 28 Celsius to minus two feels slightly draining. An emotional melt as well as a physical one ensues. It's a quick adaptation, but it holds a different palette of inspiration. Windows bring in fresh air and new beginnings.

From season to season, the skies continue to inspire, enhance and remind me, both of how large I am in my world, and how very small. A blanket of stars is often the last sight I see in my window before I sleep. Upon waking it's the brilliance of drastic changes and possibilities reflected in the sky. The symbols of freedom, heritage and passionate, ever changing spirits.

From dusk onward the moon starts it's hidden path into darkness. That moon, unapologetic, shows off it's full face to the world, nude and resplendent without shame. Paradoxically, the moon allows itself to shrink into dark shadows. It leaves an air of mystery as it slowly circles inward. It's cycle comforts, hides and brings to light. It has witnessed darkness and light, shadow and sight. Yet, it never fails to show up in any state. The moon is a brave part of nature. A instigator of tides and schedules, but also a spiritual nature that causes chaos and moods. The moon just IS. From century to century it has witnessed the love and hate. It has shone down on lovers in the darkness and crimes of the centuries. It has anchored the earth and contributed to weather. It is steady yet not. A magical guide that is explored and scientific. A paradox. A beacon.

The skies hold hope, steady inspiration within every changing circumstances, and wild freedom. Looking into the stars, following the moon path, gazing into afternoon sun clouds, or being enveloped by a heaven full of fluffy flakes steals breath from the lungs and pumps it back into the heart. From dusk to dawn, inspiration arrives simply by walking to my window and looking out over open fields and stretching skies. As Owl City croons so aptly, "pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere..."

Alberta Skies 2013 from Alan Dyer on Vimeo.


S said...

Beautiful post. You have created a beautiful imagery of the winter season with your words.
When we were kids, we read about the Canadian Prairies in our geography book and I thought then, looking at the map-"what a beautiful but distant land that would be, the prairies"-something out of our reach ! You live there and now it doesn't seem so distant !
The way you described the winter sky is beautiful-the colors I also love but only when I am in my parent's home, because right now where I live, the city sky either does not have those colors, only smokes from cars and pollution is visible-or I don't feel like looking. I was born and raised in a small town and my home was beside a big hill. The town had similar cold weather like yours and the sky was like yours...the oxygen,the fresh air...I can relate to it all and I used to look at the moon every night from my window...which I don't do now - I can feel and imagine every word you wrote here-the atmosphere back home is similar to the one you described.
One day, I hope to move to a place where I can also write a dreamy description of what I can see out of my window...
take care,

Kmarie Audrey said...

I am glad you liked it...Sometimes I just love my land so much I have to write about it. I thrive here. I would have the toughest time not being able to see the sky....Most of my cities here can also see the sky- especially in the winter...Your home town sounds beautiful. I am glad you can imagine it:)! I hope you can move to a place too where you can write a dreamy description but I also know I have seen a picture from one of your windows ( perhaps your moms?) and there was tons of green vegetation outside...I have to have tons of plants inside because we don't have that here!:)

S said...

Yes, that's my mom's home. But in my place where I live now, there are high rises all over, and you can hardly see the sky-all the natural views are blocked by multistoryed buildings and there are very few open spaces surrounding us. My location is not ideal right now but very soon we might be moving to a new city or a more ideal location-lets see.

Kmarie Audrey said...

For your sake I hope so:) Idealists need spaces to be inspired:)