Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post Partum Depression Part One

I had severe post partum depression after my first two children. I was one of the lucky ones because I found help. For women who do not get support, post partum depression can effect the first TEN years of their children's lives and their own. You can help them obtain the understanding and grace they deserve by reading and educating yourself on the topic.

There are very real, very debilitating effects of Post Partum Depression. Below is a link and list of criteria. It is written in simple, graceful, laymen terms for mamma's tired brains who do not have time to make sense of medical jargon.

For those mammas who do not believe they have this or are beyond their child bearing years... I still believe this is an article worth reading so you can learn to recognize this in friends.  Many women are silently struggling. If not helped this can affect the future of the family, community and beyond. To be kind to those around you, READ, READ, READ. Understand and in turn you can be part of the  healing process:

A phrase my therapist gave me during post partum depression; "K, if you are going to worry about it - play the movie out until the end. If you are worried about the issues with the kids- play their story out. Do you see them at twenty healthy and happy? Did this issue really play that much into their storyline? Do the mistakes along the way create an even better storyboard? Play out your movie." This helped me rephrase issues in a way that was manageable to me.

I have a LONG story about PPD. I used to be a huge advocate of it, but am currently in such a different stage...I was also a huge advocate (and still believe in these issues...) of natural birth, doulaship and organics, but again, my life has naturally incorporated all of this and is now on different paths of advocacy. However, I am a passionate believer in ALL advocacy and these issues were a large part of my story. I may have had moments of sharing and changing the world regarding the topic of PPD, but reading a comment recently on another blog, I realized maybe I should re- post a few of my long ago thoughts on PPD, because that blog was closed a long time ago... 
This is part one of two- I will write part two in the new year as it is a tough part of my life to re live.

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