Thursday, May 15, 2014

Embrace- The Documentary Creating Global Change for Women and Body Size

To the Ladies of the world:
Please take one minute to think of one word that describes your body… the first thing that comes to mind…
You know what I thought three years ago?

You know what I thought with surprising delight today?
LIFE GIVING (So it's two words but you catch my point:) Do you know how I got to that conclusion and through that transition? By being a whole heck of a lot heavier than I currently am and by struggling for years with my body image. Being what the world teaches is NOT ideal taught me something valuable; I am the same person regardless of weight and my body SERVES me. I am also the same soul regardless of health, although I prefer to have health, but when I don't have it- I STILL matter. I have to honour my body by being healthy but health is subjective to the person. For instance gluten is poison to me (low grade celiac) but may be your body’s fuel. I feel better because my body is no longer being poisoned and I went off all FODMAP/SIBO triggers and a LARGE part of feeling better was investing in Naturopathy, but even if I would have stayed at the same weight and been on this lifestyle change, I would be celebrating because I am no longer making hospital visits. THAT is the difference. I changed my goals from beauty to health…and sometimes health CAN be obtained in MANY weight categories and in MANY beautiful different shapes. Luckily, I had a health issue that could be changed, but many do not, and health is not the ultimate either, LOVE IS.

We all have different rules for our bodies to feel the best they can be…I thought this future documentary idea was SO interesting. Please check it out. Share it, help GAIN perspective…because sometimes gaining is the most contented thing to do (and this is coming from someone who is losing.) I am the same person at any given weight or look. I was beautiful before and I am beautiful now because I believe my essence is beautiful. I believe all women are beautiful. If I don't believe it about myself- what am I believing about other women? What matters is if my body is the vessel that I love through. I hope more women get that message so we can pass it onto our daughters…check out this three minute preview here (Warning: a few tastefully done nude images):

The beauty in our foods, our wines, our fruits, our chocolate, our words, our children, our round bellies that carried our children or that transport us from one place to the next, our hips that spread and became more to let life out or our bodies that expanded while we LIVED...why do we not see this purity of creating? Why does this cause embarrassment or shame and why do we as women cause these double standards with the men? Why do we shrivel and accept by the way we live everyday?

 However you are; skinny, robust, curvy, loud, shy or inward or outward...WHATEVER YOU ARE, YOU ARE WORTHY because you EXIST. That alone makes you beautiful.

My friend Hillary Rain* summed it up beautifully:
"I love thinking about our flesh as living art that changes and matures and shapeshifts, softens, strengthens...You could write a book on this, truly! Honouring the body by choosing wise foods, wise words, wise places to spend your energy, wise's all about reframing and pursing life."

Love your vessel today. Don't pursue beauty (although beauty can be part of life in delightful ways that are contrary to current cultural belief.) PURSUE LIFE. Love, LOVE, LOVE...including yourself and your vessel in this life!

Let's create change together.

Posts like this covering controversial Women's Issues:

Love never felt so good!

*Links to Hillary pertain to a time period in her life when she was on a different path. Sometimes her links do not work due to a Hiatus. She is on a completely opposite journey that I am on currently. I do not endorse some of the beliefs held from anyone I cite. However, I will forever be grateful to Hillary for some key awakenings in my life when our paths met. And we may meet up again. She is a beautiful soul regardless of stances. I hold to this for anyone I cite.*


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... can't stop crying!!! thanks for sharing this!!!!! AWESOME what she is doing- MLW

Anonymous said...

tears... what a fantastic and powerful doc that will be!- Amy

Kmarie Audrey said...

MLW: I know right? I teared up too...It is great what she is doing.
Amy: I knew it would speak to your beautiful soul:) It will be fantastic and I hope she makes enough money to make it!:)

Rae said...

Love the Australian accents! Hehe! Phenomenal video. I hope they get enough funding to make the documentary! It's definitely a message that needs to get out there. I love how you view your body and the word that you chose. It's so beautifully positive. Thanks for passing this along!

CalledToQuestion said...

While I am not a woman, if I were to choose one word to describe my body it would be legen...wait for it...DARY! In all seriousness though I always seem to find something that could be better. If it is not my weight then it becomes something else. The scar on my face, my height (at least I am 1/2 an inch taller than the average Canadian man), the size of my hands and fingers (I was never able to hold a mens basket ball with one hand), the colour of my eyes, and/or the stretchy skin I have on my face. But I realize that I am pretty lucky to be who I am and no matter how gorgeous I am or am not, my wife loves me and so do my children. While even at my worst they still tell me I am handsome. I am a fortunate guy to be able to look into the mirror of my families eyes and see just how beautiful I am. Great post and what a wonderful documentary that will be. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

<3 I'm so thrilled whenever I see messages like this. Thank you for sharing your heart and this documentary. I call myself "luscious" because I don't care personally for terms like "plus-size" and it's important for me to use words that sound soft and inviting. But it's hard sometimes to not revert back to old ways of thinking and speaking, especially on hard days. I think you've seen the studies done by Dr. Emoto on the effects of words and intention on the cellular structure of water? When I think of how much of our bodies are made up of water it reminds me to speak kindly and to bless those areas that I particularly struggle with. I love this topic so much. Thanks for sharing!!!

Kmarie Audrey said...

Rae: Thanks...I loved her Australian accent too...I hope they get enough money too!
C2Q: All of me loves all of you! I adore your sexy scar, I love that you are only a tiny bit taller than me so I don't have to crane my neck every time I kiss you, Your sultry grey eyes are one of my favourite soul deep features, your hands are wonderful and your stretchy face skin is unique and awesome. You are a fortunate man but I am also a fortunate woman.
Rain: I am thrilled too with these messages! I LOVE the word luscious! It invokes such pleasure and sustenance...I agree...words help. It IS hard to not revert on hard days- for me that is usually a few days before my period and during that I feel frumpy and have the bad dialogues... I have seen the studies...very interesting...and I do think that speaking kindly to ourselves transforms our image. I love how you often speak of this topic in your blog! It's nice to have friends who are also fellow advocates:)

S said...

The video of the Australian woman was so beautiful and inspiring. I loved that portion where she speaks about her self image and her daughter and the woman who said her body was "soft and lucious " - I liked that !!!
I had body image issues. From a young age, I was constantly compared to my cousins and neices over body weight/ size and height...some family members would always point out to me if I gained weight...they do it even now. Also, there is a thing called " beauty " in our culture where even beauty is measured by some standards. People remind me how much thin and beautiful my cousins/ other women are.I tell them that it is derogatory and downright malicious to compare me like that and I tell them that I am not some flesh/ piece of meat . But every time, to my amazement and disbelief, they give this reply - " We are telling you for your own good....lose some weight ".I am amazed as to how shameless people can be in our culture...they say these things right to your face and they think that nothing is wrong with these derogatory statements !!
Also, there is no such reminders for men. Men can have any weight/ size in our culture and nobody says anything to them. Women in our culture are measured by their beauty/ body size and men by their brains and money ( earning capacity ) ....both measurements for both genders seem very derogatory to me ...
What can I say ? People don't even look at you if you are not of a certain height/ weight/ look/ color ...dark skinned women in our culture face the worst situation...
Sad but true. Even dark skinned babies are criticised for their skin color !!!
So, I just want to say that God, save me from these bunch of fools !!! Enough now !
I listened to all the songs and saw the videos. I just loved them ! MJ is a phenomenon and the song "love never felt so good " is awesome and I did not hear it before. Showed it to my hubby and we both listened to it together. We both are MJ fans !!!l - thanks for sharing. I actually do not have any friend who would recommend such songs to me so thanks-you keep me updated !
take care,

Kmarie Audrey said...

S: I always love your responses! You always contribute so much and I love reading every word! I loved the soft and luscious part too! I am so sorry about the comparing - that is AWeFUL and they are fools to not see your beauty. I always am in awe of your photos and how beautiful your photos are...and your skin shines with health and smoothness. That is shameless that they do that...and it does always irk me that men have a double standard that they do not have to live up to as much...although it is still there in smaller ways. Skin colour is VERY sad too.
I am glad you love the songs I's a hobby and you have no idea how happy that makes me feel!
You take care too!