Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everyone is Worthy- Because they exist- Inspiration from Brene Brown and Glennon from Momestry

The link below containing the twenty minute video from the blogger of Momestry is worth every minute. Courage is owning your story. Kindness is allowing others to live theirs. Hope is the opposite of judging, inequality and non acceptance. "If you are still alive- you are still invited. Even lying on the floor, someone out there deemed me worthy of an invitation to a very important event...and I decided to show up from my dark, controllable world into the dark, messy one."- Glennon

You are worthy simply because you ARE. Not because of the religion you belong to, or the group, or your wage, gender, ability, personality, or looks...just because you are here, alive, fully breathing. Have the courage to make your own story. You are not broken. You may have broken moments but YOU are not broken enough to be discarded. Enjoy the inspiration today. Click and be encouraged.

And remember- not everyone deserves to hear your story or experience your FULL vulnerability. It's ok to mask a bit with those who do not want to hear it. Here are six types of people who do not need to hear your story (Brene Brown and Oprah):

P.S. What's life without some theme music? This song fits the mood:


nyssa said...

wow, amazing. i was crying all through it. thank you for sharing this. xoxo

Kmarie said...

I know eh?!:) Me too. I adore her. And Really, everything I have learned has come out of a LOT of struggle...and the people I have been accepted the most with are those who have either been where she has been or been in dark moments of depression, struggle or hardship. So beautiful:) xoxo

Cat said...

I loved that!
thanks for posting and emailing it friend
I appreciated that♥

love and light

Kmarie said...

Always lovely to hear your thoughts and voice Cat:) Glad you enjoyed them:) Thanks for being a safe place:)

Haddock said...

Like that video for the fast editing. Hold you till the end.
Say what you want to say.

Kmarie said...

I actually remember you commentating on my old blog a few years ago. Out of curiosity how did you find this space?
Yes that video is well edited;)