Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Artists Of Being Alive

"The most visible creators I know are those artists whose medium is life itself, the ones who express the inexpressible-without brush, hammer, clay or guitar. They neither paint or sculpt- their medium is being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They see and don't have to draw. They are the artists of being alive."- J.Stone

One life. We each have oneLimited time. We need to own that. A choice.  We have the gift of a choice to simply show up and allow the canvas of life to do the rest. If we fight too much we lose. If we let go too much we lose. Wake up to the beauty that is in you and around. WAKE UPAs soon as you make being alive your goal you lose the significant story line. Goals become something separate from YOU...just beyond reach. Living well is beyond goals, it is simply opening up to the life around.

"Tonight, we are young. Let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun."*
 We can burn brighter. Especially, in friendship and love. My world is MY canvas. I love to paint passionate strokes of red, vibrant warm oranges, persuasive purple and deep thinking blues. Every once in awhile I own the calm green or the treasured gold...but these are the colours I GIVE. Each of us has a different fusion of the palette to share. By being who we ARE we paint LIFE. I owe so much to the people who simply share their lives with me. They are a part of my gradual awakening. We are together and separate on this journey. They add colours to my tapestry I would never have otherwise. The thread that ties us together goes beyond the spiritual, into the honest, and through the fake perfection. Sometimes, a bond between two people is magic.

Sometimes that magic means honest, frank strokes of black. Some of the friends who have added depth to my picture are the ones who seemed to really tick me off at the time. But their bravery changed me. Their raw honesty to be the colours meant for them made me face my own colours. Because YOU are the only medium YOU can change. You Must be the change you wish to be in the world. You must take responsibility for this one precious, wild and wonderful life you have been given! This IS IT. What are you going to do about it? Who are you going to love? What are you going to change? What courage do you need to cultivate to re establish that friendship that meant so much to your growth?

The Artists of Being Alive  see the brilliant in the tough moments, the opportunities in heartbreak, the tragedy in injustice, the anger at oppression, and the unconfined JOY of the moment...without judgement. 

This is your world. You are your world. What colours are you choosing? What colours will you share?

To all the colours in my life. Thanks for carrying me home to myself. X.O.

Song Choice: *We are Young- Original artist: Fun.  I also LOVE the Glee version...


Nyssa said...

I love this. I had to remind myself of this today and now here it is from your heart and mind.. like I was meant to have it deep in my heart soul. xoxoox thank you!!!

Amy said...

Powerful quote! Every word you shared is my life anthem, K... I adore you and am so grateful for your song and the colors of your life. xoxoxo

S said...

It was Holi, the festival of colors in our country last Wednesday ! I can identify with the picture you put up here. I once captured a picture and named it "come alive with colors ".
As an artist, I paint pictures, yet, I am a life artist too- My life is a blank canvass and I try to put so many colors in it -so passionately I fill in those colors, I am fortunate that I am able to do so. To take control of my life, to give it a certain direction...I feel blessed.
thanks for sharing this post,
wishing you a lovely day !

Kmarie Jones said...

Nyssa: It was meant for you to have deep in your soul:)
Amy: The quote was inspiring. I too am glad for you:)
S: You are a great artist and I love to watch the colours splatter. Glad Holi was enjoyable:)