Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Like Cupcakes...

The delights of people, earth and life can be found intentionally. A sacred space dedicated solely to the love of cupcakes is often tough to find, but the senses are delighted at the artful displays of tiny cakes. Each one is unique. Each cupcake has a story. Yet, most cupcakes share a few common ingredients, if not butter then flour, if not flour then vanilla, if not vanilla then salt.

Lined up row by row, the eyes feast on chocolate, lemon, butter cream, caramel, white, and gluten free. Each one is lovingly designed with swirls or embellishment. No two are alike. Cupcakes from the same bowl and batch carry a different aspect or form from one another. Whether this difference is in the actual cupcake or the slightly different swirl on top, it matters not. Each one has something slightly set apart to offer for the trained eye. Each one carries a flavour with the potential to delight. But this delight is dependent on the person who chooses. To one connoisseur chocolate is preferable to butter cream, to the health nut gluten free is the best option. The flavour or ingredients determine the best suited partner.

Yet, every now and then, someone who enjoys sugar free will daringly take a chance on the sweet. Delighted and surprised lessons come with risk. Or the sweet tooth will choose the reduced sugar and be charmed by the subtle taste.

Our souls crave being fed. We need the hearty weight of kindness, the sweetness of grace, the practicality of realism. With cupcakes our imagination gains weight. The poetry and taste of life are given in each experience. Sometimes we need to be fattened. Not explained or reduced to our caloric intake or nutritional value. Sometimes we need to be enjoyed.

"Give us this day our daily crumb, our ice cream cone, our cherry pie. The slightest things- a walk, a word, a breeze, a passing view- please the soul immeasurably and feed it. A dinner with a hint of imagination and effort, a tree bearing fruit outside the kitchen, a favourite market, an old recipe, can all feed the soul even as they nourish the body.
The health fantasy of food is not enough. That has it's importance of course, but if it is allowed to dominate, especially as we at present imagine it- a medical, scientific, chemical-genetic reduction of the human person to a materialistic object- the soul in food will vanish, and we will have lost one more important source of soul and enchantment in the everyday experience."- Thomas Moore*

Cupcakes are a source of contemplation, of meaning, of creativity. Big impact in a tiny parcel. Reading the ingredient list does not diminish the taste. Knowing the exact compilation does not explain the mystery for the senses. Whether it is Lemon Drop, Strawberry or Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, coffee or Red velvet, each one belongs because it is. Each has the capacity to delight. But it is up to the sampler to decide what will bring joy. One can be a critic, assessing and reducing each cake to a set of prescribed ingredients. One can be a sour face and deny pleasure based on calories or some other reason to walk away. But I hope most take the occasional risk to add the weight of delight to the short walk of life.

People can delight. It's like cupcakes. So many choices, so many versions, many different gifts but we can get the same result back. The surprise of delight and the mystery of imagination. It's all perspective.

*Find this book from Thomas Moore ( The ReEnchantment of Everyday Living) and link in my library. It's EXCELLENT.

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Cat said...

"Our souls crave being fed. We need the hearty weight of kindness, the sweetness of grace, the practicality of realism."
love this!
and yes
people can delight indeed♥

love and light