Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Deal With PMDD

Since my diagnosis with PMDD I have learned many ways to cope. I still suffer. I still want to smash glass on occasion but I have found tiny healing steps, so that I can at least function some of the time or give myself the illusion that I'm in control. After more than a decade after diagnosis, it is not as regular as it used to be as far as intensity goes (but some months are still very bad! Hormones are tricky!) I feel for those whom are new to the process. I have also found that most people do not just have the diagnosis of PMDD but it often seems to go with Autoimmune disorders - which makes sense to me...Holistically hormones would also be affected by immunity and inflammation. More research needs to be done in this area but I would urge others to find out if there are additional diagnosis. I alone have now been diagnosed with 4 reproductive disorders (Andynomiosis, Endo, PCOS and PMDD)  not including my main Autoimmune.  For those who like practical help this post may help. These tips can also apply to other mood disorders or conditions:

1) Find a Naturopath. I can not stress enough how much a good naturopath is worth the cost. Depleted vitamins, over taxed adrenals, imbalanced hormones...they can all be replenished. I am now on R20 drops (among other supplements) each day that take the edge off of my hormonal craziness. It has helped a heap.

2) Give into some of your cravings. You may be craving them for a reason...and it takes the edge off. Bonus- your body burns extra calories during PMS. If you do not believe me, read THIS. Bring on the steak, berries, dark chocolate, and chocolate spinach smoothies! This woman needs her respite!:)

3) Don't schedule in anything that is not necessary. Clear your calendar for this week. You may say or do things you will regret when your mind calms down. Have as much down time as possible. Soak in that epsom bath, listen to music more, stay in your house and surround yourself with everything GOOD.

4) Have hubby, or family take the kids (if you have them) for at least a few hours on the worst day...or pull out the trusty Netflix or Kid's shows. Do not feel guilt for this. They will have their brains stimulated by someone new or have fun watching a show instead of sitting with a moody you...and you will have time to just be angry. Win Win. Sometimes we need to allow our emotions to just BE.

5) If you skipped the Naturopath you still need to be taking some key supplements. Vitamin E, B C, D and magnesium will all help support you. Evening Primrose oil and other supplements may help too.

6) Go for a light walk. Don't engage in crazy exercise but a light walk in the fresh air may help you...or some stairs in the house if you live in the frozen tundra of my land.

7) See a therapist or a friend who gives good counsel. Talking it out, or venting, releases a lot of the unpredictability.

8) Seek time in prayer or for those who are neutral in faith-  Reiki meditation...especially focusing on the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra.

9) Set your boundaries. Find A safe way to channel the anger. Not all of it is bad. Some of it stops you from accepting the normal ways people are rude or walk all over you- this is the time of month when you can put a stop in those behaviours that most women do not allow themselves to do. Men are fine and allowed to be rude at times or have clear boundaries but if a woman does the exact same thing she is considered witchy. This is a great time to start new boundaries.

10) Speaking of safe ways to channel anger- Music is a great healing agent. Some people calm down with mellow this time of month I do best indulging in these songs...I feel so much better after an hour of angst:) Song Choices: Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy that Way- Anjulie, Bohemian Rhapsody, Many P!nk songs AND MOST OF Metallica (Misery, Until It Sleeps, Enter Sandman and The Unforgiven are my favourites.)

* Finally, if you really can't cope and are having dark, dangerous thoughts that you feel you may follow through on, seek understanding medical help. Not all medical help is good. Find someone who is empathetic and will give you the run down on the true side effects of medication or HRT. I have studied HRT in my degree courses and it is not something to take lightly...but sometimes it is a necessary evil. Choose a balanced care giver.
I hope this helps. May you find healing.
Advice for men who know women with PMDD:


nyssa said...

awesome tips!! thank you for sharing them xoxo

S said...

Your new blog is so fresh ! I am liking all the pictures of you and your family {in the right sidebar }- About this post, I want to say that I do feel sad during the days prior to my periods and you know what- I am most uncomfortable during the first day of my periods and also the second day to some extent- I just don't feel like moving with this body at all-and people [even the women in my family] used to say- " Why are you so sensitive about your periods, its not such a bog deal, blah,blah... " BUT FOR ME, IT WAS and It STILL is a big deal. I become emotionally and physically vulnerable in those days and the days prior to that. And I do give in to my cravings and go for a light walk near my house or just walk inside my room a bit which really helps me to relax. I agree with you and thank you for sharing this post,

Amy said...

K!! Loving this new space.. bookmarking it!

Kmarie said...

Nyssa:; No problem!
S: I am glad you like the new space:) The goal was cleaner and fresher...I am sorry you had no support for your sensory overload and your is tough when people do not understand. Yes, it helps to have a light mix of relaxation, giving into cravings and light walks:)
Amy: Glad you are bookmarking it!:)